Healthcare Team

Physician’s Associate

Charlotte Hanney works alongside our GPs to help manage routine and urgent appointments, telephone triage appointments and home visits. She can help with diagnosing and treating health conditions, ordering tests and interpreting results, as well as supporting people with long-term conditions.

Pharmacy Team

MarJane Ozo-Eson – Senior Clinical Pharmacist

Abid Pathan– Clinical Pharmacist

Sharon Bourne – Pharmacy Technician

Our pharmacy team are experts in medicines and help people stay as well as possible. They support those with long-term conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

They can provide advice and reassurance, review your medication, and agree and make changes to your prescription

Care Support Team

Social Prescriber – Jason Bowles

Health and Wellbeing Coach – Fatema Hafizji

Mental Health Practitioner – Ruvimbo Katsholo

Wellbeing Practitioner (MIND) – Mandy Salter

Care Coordinator – Mary Adeyemi

Our care and support team are here for your wellbeing, including mental health struggles, coping with everyday living and long-term illnesses. They can connect those feeling lonely, overwhelmed or in need of help to local support services, from activity groups to debt and housing advice.