An Urgent Practice Update For The Covid Vaccine

It has been brought to our attention that there are patients and residents of Wargrave that believe that the surgery disposes of unused vaccines or that we will inoculate anyone off the street to use the last of the vaccines, this simply is not the case. Under no circumstances have we or will ever dispose of vaccinations when there are so many that still require their first jab. We run a “Quick Response List” which comprises of Health/Social workers, Emergency response employees, patients that are extremely at risk and patients that have changed their mind and will now accept the vaccination. This was created to combat against the very issue if vaccine wastage and we are extremely happy to say that to date we have had zero waste. Please can we ask that you do not just turn up at the end of the clinics with the hope of being vaccinated, we will not vaccinate you and you place the surgery personnel in an awkward situation of having to reject the request.

The surgery is being inundated with requests and questions regarding the COVID vaccine, please can we reiterate the words of the government, please do not contact the surgery about who and when you’re going to receive the vaccine. If you have questions please call 119, we have to spend an excessive number of staffing hours responding to these requests which should be spent looking after those patients that are unwell and need our attention immediately.

The surgery is looking at a large escalation in frequency and capacity to our vaccine clinics, however, we need help to achieve this. We are looking for volunteers that have received a form of clinical training, it does not matter whether you are still practicing or enjoying retirement, we will provide all the training required. We will need volunteers in administering the vaccine, drawing the vaccines up and data clerks for patient entries. We are hoping to run at least three clinics a week to attempt to complete all our patients well within the government timeline.

If you receive a national letter from NHS England inviting you to receive your vaccination at a Max vaccination hub, please be advised that this did not originate from the surgery. We will continue to run our own clinics going forward for those patients that wish to remain in the comfort of their own village, seeing their own Doctors, nurses and of course seeing fellow villagers from your local community.

We are now 50% through our patients in groups 5 & 6, with another clinic running this week and a further vaccination session planned for the next, we are still running ahead of the timeline but we cannot afford to lose momentum. We are also in the planning stages for those that are nearing their time to receive the booster jab, we will continue using the text service to invite patients to book their own slots as this has been a great success so far. The Wargrave Practice Partners would like to thank you for your patience in advance.