Changes to the booking process: Go live date 04.07.2022

Wargrave surgery announcement: June 2022

Changes to the booking process: Go live date 04.07.2022

We have been listening to feedback regarding patients accessing the practice doctors and we are pleased to announce that we will be launching a new process for the reception team to book appointments.

Key changes:

  • Increased availability for Face-to-Face appointments with a slight reduction on the number of telephone consultations.
  • The reception team will be able to book patients directly into Face-to-Face appointments after the patient has answered the Pre-Set medical assessment questions on the call.
  • A 4-hour time parameter will be provided at the time of booking for the expected telephone consultation with the doctor. Morning sessions 09:00 – 13:00 and afternoon sessions 14:00 – 18:00. Patients can state their availability at the time of booking, this information will be added to the appointment.
  • More pre-bookable appointments will be available for future bookings

Patients will still be able to call the reception team from 08:00 for “urgent on the day consultations and appointments”. Please be aware that the calls will take longer to process under the new system, but the reception team will be working hard to answer all calls in optimum time. To reduce the level of calls from 08:00, if we could request all other enquiries are made from 09.30 or via the practice website.

For general queries, information, repeat medication, health, medication reviews and application forms please visit the surgery website, we have now added a short video for patients to watch, this outlines all the different options available for patients to contact the practice along with a variety of self-help options dealing with mild ailments.

Please could we ask that you have a little patience when contacting the reception team, this is a new way off working to make bookings and will take slightly longer as they have to ask detailed questions regarding the appointment request. This is work in progress and as time passes and feedback received, we will endeavour to improve the process for ease of access for patients to see our amazing Doctors.

We thank you for your patience in advance,


The Wargrave practice Partners:

Dr Kennedy,
Dr Stocks,
Dr Hext,
Dr Igham.