COVID-19 Update: May 2021

Vaccination through pregnancy

We understand that there are a number of concerns with regards to receiving a COVID vaccination whilst pregnant. It has been shown that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines do not have any adverse effects whilst pregnant and those that are eligible should book in to a clinic or hub to receive their jab.

We have added the link below the states very latest directive issued by PHE:

New patients registering to the surgery

We have had an unprecedented increase in new patient registrations to the surgery in the last 14 months, this has created a back log in applying the details on to our database, and we are currently running at a 4 week lead time.

Those that are waiting to receive their first or second vaccination through this period will need to use the National Booking System to book into one of the many local vaccination hubs.

Vaccination passport

We are starting to see a rise in enquiries for proof of the COVID-19 vaccination and the vaccination passport.

The surgery’s online presence via Patient Access has made your vaccination history available on their website app, the details can be found under the medication tab, and the smart phone app may not show the information yet as this is being rolled out incrementally.

Alternatively, you can access your vaccination history through the NHS app, this is not supported by the surgery and we cannot offer advice or guidance on the registration process.

The vaccination passport on the NHS website app will start to roll out after the 17th May with the smart phone app to follow shortly afterwards.

All the details can be found by following the link below:

Clinics scheduled:

  • Friday 14th May: 16:00-19:00. – Pfizer 1st doses for 40-49, 144 patients, in the surgery – Fully Booked
  • Saturday 15th May: 8:30-12:30. – Pfizer 1st doses for 40-49, 288 patients, in the surgery – Still room to book – please call the surgery
  • Wednesday 19th May: 12:30-16:00. – Astra Zeneca 2nd doses 60+, 300 Patients, at the fire station– Invites not yet sent out – please do not contact the surgery, the patient list has been created and we will contact you directly.
  • Friday 21st May: 17:00-19:00 – Pfizer 1st doses 30-39, 144 patients, in the surgery – This has yet to be formalised, we will be unable to book slots at this time.

Due to changes in licencing we can no longer offer the Astra Zeneca to our population of under 40s, this means that any 1st vaccines we book will be PFIZER, ASTRA ZENECA will now only be given to those who have had it as a first dose. This will not create any delay on our vaccination programme as we have already secured enough Pfizer to continue at pace to ensure that our patients receive their first and second jabs in optimum time.

Thank you all for your patience and resilience as we strive to get the last of our population a 1st vaccination. We have currently given 4390 of our patients a first vaccine which is an incredible 73% of our eligible population, with nearly 50% of those also having had their 2nd vaccine, this information is prior to the up and coming clinics.