The practice has received a number patient contacts regarding the visibility to the 3rd COVID vaccination on the NHS app.

The current understanding is that the NHS app will only show the first two jabs on the COVID passport section as the guidance from FOA suggests that only two vaccines need to be administered for foreign travel. For further details regarding travel restrictions and advice on travelling abroad please follow the link below:

Foreign travel advice – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Patients can view all vaccinations that have been given by entering the immunisations section of the NHS app providing that the correct access level has been assigned to the medical notes. If you wish to increase the access level to your medical records, please follow the link below to begin the process:

Patient Consent Form for Detailed Coded Record Access | The Wargrave Surgery

As the surgery has no connection with the NHS app, we cannot fully answer the questions posed regarding this online provider, please could we respectfully ask that you contact them directly through the app, they will be in a far better position to answer any queries.

COVID Passport

It has been widely publicised the GP practices do not provide COVID passports, this can be obtained by contacting the COVID hotline on 119 for a paper certificate, this will be sent to your home address via Royal Mail and the process can take up to one week. Alternatively contact 119 online, the link can be found below:

Get your NHS COVID Pass letter – NHS (www.nhs.uk)

Vaccinations Abroad

If you have received a COVID vaccination abroad, the surgery is more than happy to apply the details of your vaccination on to your medical records, however, they will not appear on the COVID passport on the NHS app, they will only provide evidence of vaccines received in England.