Patient Online Update

It has been well documented over the last month that the surgery has had a computer system up grade, due to this we are now in the process of registering all online patients on to the new system. You may have already received a message regarding this, those that have not please bare with us we have very large number of patients to work through.

Please follow the guidelines below:

In section 1 it gives the option to your provider, please chose “Patient Access”

In section two you will find your registration/log in codes. These will be required to complete the online registration.

Online Services for a patient: You have requested access to online services.

Accessing online services: To access online services:

  1. Create an account with one of the following service providers:
Service provider Website
Patient Access
Evergreen Life
Co-op Health
Echo Pharmacy
AT Tech
Pharmacy2U Ltd
Boots UK
My Way Digital Health
C Sharp Solutions
Patients Know Best
Redwood Technologies []
Healthera Ltd
Digital Medical Supply UK LTD
Nurturey – the digital Redbook

Provide the following online services account details when prompted:

Linkage Key 2CCbRPNKFBEc6
ODS Code K81055
Account ID 3960014461

Note: The account details are unique to you and were provided by Wargrave Practice