Wargrave surgery COVID update

The practice has procured a number of the Pfizer BoiNTec vaccines, this is to be offered on the week commencing 27th September 2021 to our patients aged 18 to 64, clinically at risk from contracting COVID-19 as defined by PHE, has had two previous COVID vaccines (either Pfizer or AstraZenica) and your last COVID vaccination was over 12 weeks from the date of this clinic.

We will continue to contact patients via our text messaging service to allow these patients to book their own vaccination slot as this proved to be highly successful in previous clinics.

You will have been classed as clinically extremely vulnerable because you’re at high risk of getting seriously ill because:

  • you’ve had an organ transplant
  • you’re having chemotherapy or antibody treatment for cancer, including immunotherapy
  • you’re having an intense course of radiotherapy (radical radiotherapy) for lung cancer
  • you’re having targeted cancer treatments that can affect the immune system (such as protein kinase inhibitors or PARP inhibitors)
  • you have blood or bone marrow cancer (such as leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma)
  • you’ve had a bone marrow or stem cell transplant in the past 6 months, or are still taking immunosuppressant medicine
  • you’ve been told by a doctor you have a severe lung condition (such as cystic fibrosis, severe asthma or severe COPD)
  • you have a condition that means you have a very high risk of getting infections (such as SCID or sickle cell)
  • you’re taking medicine that makes you much more likely to get infections (such as high doses of steroids or immunosuppressant medicine)
  • you have a serious heart condition and are pregnant
  • you have a problem with your spleen or your spleen has been removed (splenectomy)
  • you’re an adult with Down’s syndrome
  • you’re an adult who is having dialysis or has severe (stage 5) long-term kidney disease

This is part of the third vaccine wave and not to be confused with the booster programme which will be rolled out later this year.

Once we have further information regarding the surgery clinics, we will place an announcement on the surgery website.

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